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Something New to Dive About

  For the scuba diving enthusiasts there is something new to see under the water at  Lake Ore-Be-Gone.
  The Tall Pines Scuba Club of Virginia, lowered two old rail speeders cars into the depths of the lake. The 2 speeders cars were donated by Minntac Mining Company of Mt. Iron.
  The cars were thoroughly cleaned and lowered about 40 feet onto a platform. A great addition to the diving pleasures of Lake-Ore-Be-Gone.

Iron Range Historical Society
The Iron Range Historical society has opened a museum in the old Gilbert City Hall. Photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia reflect the area's heritage. There is also a research room filled with historical books for those interested in researching their family tree.

Mining Mural
This is a site not to be missed. A full wall mural of some of the early mines in Gilbert. Visit the First National Bank of Gilbert to view the mural.

Old Time City Jail
Visit one of the oldest "City Jail" around. It is house on the first floor of the original City Hall. Upstairs is the Iron Range historical Society.

Reclaimed Mining Pits
See how "Mother Nature" and the City of Gilbert have reclaimed the towns played out mine pits. For the story click on the Lake Ore-be-gone link in the side menu.