Foothills Motel & Campground
101 Main
Dayton, WY 82836
Phone: (307) 655-2547
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Open: 5-1 to 11-1

The Foothills Motel & Campground is located at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in Dayton, Wyoming. We are halfway between the Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park. The Bozeman Trail passes just to the east. The Little Bighorn Battlefield is just to our north; Fort Phil Kearny, site of the Fetterman and Wagon Box Fights, is just to the south.

The Bighorn Mountains, called the "Shining Mountains" by the Shoshone Indians, are an island of green in the brown rolling hills of the Powder River Basin. The Bighorns catch much of the rain and snow in the area and provide a haven for animals of all kinds. They have been a magnet to settlers?both Indian and Anglo. The Shoshone and Crow and later the Crow and Sioux fought each other for control of the abundant game and fertile land at the foot of the mountains. One of the reasons why Crow Indians were scouting for Custer was their desire to win the Bighorns back from the Sioux.